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Thanks for dropping by! The Appraiser's Guide to Increasing the Value of Your Home video is 51 minutes of instructions, suggestions and explanations on when, what, why and how to increase the value of your home. Never before has such an extensive educational video been available to the public by state certified residential appraisers for the sole purpose of helping you increase the value of your home! We are highly skilled in analyzing what people will and won't pay for residential real estate, and we pass that knowledge on to you.

Your Home is the biggest and most important investment you'll probably make in your lifetime! You've worked hard to own and maintain it. Now keep your investment growing by learning helpful tips from experts on how to increase its value. This video is designed especially for you!

Learning about your Appraisal
What can I learn from the video?

Ordering Information ( Please read about ordering here first!)

The Appraiser's Guide video is available for $19.95 per tape, plus $3.95 shipping and handling for first class US Mail within the continental United States. Most orders are shipped the day we receive the order.

You may purchase additional copies of the video at a lower price of $15.95 per additional tape plus shipping and handling charges of $2.00 for each additional video. These make great gifts to clients, friends or family members.

For phone orders, please call us at (704) 491-5918  anytime. For FAX orders, click here for our FAX Order Form and info on how to fax us. Click here to see read more about our ordering information.


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